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All communications should include the debtor's name and account number in order to be properly processed.

The debtor is required to keep proof of this transaction. Examples of such proof will include your bank or credit card company's original verification of debiting of funds from your account and crediting the same amount to The Daniel Group, Attorneys at Law, PC. No receipts or account statements will be provided by The Daniel Group, Attorneys at Law, PC.

Partial payment will be accepted, however, unless you have a written notice from this office, you will be required to pay the entire amount of the debt. It is understood that you tender payments without reservation and condition, and payments are accepted by The Daniel Group, Attorneys at Law, PC, accordingly.

Reservations of rights may not be done through this website. Any reservation of rights should be in writing mailed to The Daniel Group, Attorneys at Law, PC, 130 South Cameron Street, Winchester, VA 22601.

Nothing in this website is intended as legal advice. This website is for the convenience of parties who choose to make voluntary payments without making personal contact with this office. You are encouraged to consult with your own attorney regarding your rights, obligations, and any other matters.

This website and The Daniel Group, Attorneys at Law, PC, are located in the Commonwealth of Virginia and transactions through this website shall be goverened by Virgnia law. is an independent contractor, and must be separately contacted to resolve any issues arising regarding your payment prior to its acceptance and deposit without recourse into the recipient's account.

By making payment through this website, you accept all terms and conditions as stated above.

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